Polyurethane Custom Moulding Services

custom moulding

The applications and uses for are as endless as your imagination. We have a wide selection of specialised products for the most demanding applications. We are constantly finding new opportunities in every sector of trade and industry including, transport, commercial, industrial, marine etc.

The versatility of open-cast urethane and polyurethane molding produces a wide variety of products for most industries. Applications requiring high abrasion resistance, outstanding tensile and tear strength, noise dampening, chemical resistance, and/or excellent load bearing capability, find that urethane surpasses most other polymers.

Expensive metal casting often times can be replaced by lightweight urethane and still maintain or exceed wear characteristics found in their metal counterparts.


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  • =>For Detailed Specifications on Custom Moulding Click Below :

Polyurethanes can be selected and formulated to maximize particular need specifications such as maximizing abrasion or increasing tensile strength to obtain the strongest, most break resistant part possible.

The ingredients found in some urethanes are FDA approved for contact with foodstuffs and find applications in food services and production as well as the medical industry.