Polyurethane Coating


The applications and uses for are as endless as your imagination. We have a wide selection of specialised products for the most demanding applications. We are constantly finding new opportunities in every sector of trade and industry including, transport, commercial, industrial, marine etc.


Trucks, Vans, Trailers, Tippers, Refrigerated Vehicles, Display Vehicles, Animal Transporters, Street Sweepers, Snowploughs, Gritters, Kerbside Collection Vehicles, Tankers, Chemical Trucks, Pest Control Vehicles, Dog Vans, Water Trucks, Horse Boxes, Fifth Wheel Vehicles, Bus Floors/Steps, Rental/Lease Fleets, Chemical Transport Vehicles, Heavy Plant Carriers, Prisoner / Arrested Persons Custody Vehicles, Agricultural Feed Transport.


Roofing, Containment Areas, Flooring, Plant Rooms, Decking, Freezer Floors, Hoppers, Grain Elevators, Brewery and Winery Flooring / bunded areas, Storm Damage Repair, Inspection Pits, Wet Rooms, Food Preparation Areas, Cafeteria Floors, Silos, Underground Tanks, Waste Water Containment, Chemical Bunding, Walkways, Heavy Equipment/Machinery, Storage Areas, Basements, Workshops, Gangways, Platforms, Antimicrobial Flooring and Surfaces.


Wet Rooms, Ponds, Water Fountains, Dog Kennels, Milking Parlours, Animal Enclosures, Wildlife Tanks/Pools, Workbenches, Countertops, Wheelchair Ramps, Non Slip Walkways, Beer Cellars, Rust/Corrosion Prevention, Mobile Homes, Porta-Cabins, Walk in Refrigerators / Storerooms, Antimicrobial Flooring and Surfaces.


Boat Roofs, Boat Decking, Cargo Holds, Loading Ramps, Buoys, Divers Rise Points, Canal Barges, Engine Housing, Water Storage Areas, Docks, Boat Trailers, Interior Hull Insulation, Canoe Repairs, External Hull Protection / Repair, Jetties, Ramps and Anti-Slip Areas.


Balcony, Floors, Patio Coating, Garage Floors, Flat Roofs, Pantries, Porches and Porch Roofs, Workshops, Cellars and Basements, General Bunding (Oil Tanks), Flood Damage Protection and Repair, Outside Steps and Decking (Anti-Slip), Shed Roofs, Kennels etc, Animal Shelters and Stables, Gates, Fencing, Ponds, Swimming Pool and Hot Tub (inc repairs), Patios and Verandas.

Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, Beach Hut Protection, Flood Defences, Ponds, Theme Park and Fun Fair walkways and queuing areas, Zoo Enclosures, Fish / Animal Tanks, Theatre Staging / Boards, Dance Floors, Film / TV Sets / Studios and Props, Caravan Repairs / Waterproofing, Stable Flooring and Wall Covering. (All can be applied with the Ultimate Linings Anti Microbial Additive)

 Anti- Microbial Coatings (Available in any colour).