Manufacturers of Polyurethane Liners



SWAGATH URETHANE PVT. LTD. has been in the forefront of the Indian Cast Polyurethane industry since its establishment in 1990. It's a professionally run business with hands-on experience in Cast Polyurethane technology. The company's well-known SWAGATH ORITHANE products are synonymous with high quality and assured reliability. SPECIALITY guarantees high quality and reliability by using best raw materials and modern production techniques.

A truly integrated manufacturing activity, covering mould making to automated Polyurethane processing under one roof, SPECIALITY caters to the needs of virtually every industry sector:

1.Urethane Liners
2.Custom Liners
3.Polyurethane Custom Lining Services
4.Polyurethane Liner
5.Urethane Lining
6.Polyurethane Lining
7.Chute Liners
8.Ceramic Liner
9.Polyurethane Linings & Liners
10.Polyurethane Linings
11.Poly Liners
12.HDPE Liners
13.Polyurethane Liners

We proudly inform you that our Company is a ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company with accreditation from M / S. TUV, Germany. With the experience we have gained over the years in designing and supplying CAST URETHANE COMPONENTS to various Clients in different industrial Sector, we propose to offer a complete trouble free solution for your critical application.

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1. Urethane Liners