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Swagath Urethane Pvt Ltd 
Based in Hyderabad, Swagath Urethane Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of premium quality polyurethane elastomer components. With our wide experience and knowledge, we offer an unbeatable line of products such as urethane rollers, urethane liners, hydro cyclones, mandrel pigs, cleaning pigs, screen panels, poly urethane buckets, urethane wheels & castors, etc.

Expertise in Urethances
Working with the vision of producing the most stunning range of products at highly economical prices, we have earned a strong rapport in the domestic as well as in various overseas markets like Dubai, Australia, South Africa, to name a few. We are also involved in the import of certain chemicals and raw materials from various countries

Company News

swagathurethaneExpansion- Jan 2014 
Every Business’ objective and dream is to grow and expand. Business visibility to the market it serves by branching out due to the business growth is very critical in its marketing initiatives. As business and operations grow, the infrastructure also needs to adapt to the operational needs growth .

“With the combined expertise and financial strength of our group behind us, we will continue to move forward with our aggressive build-out program in the rich area of Polyurethanes, so that we can provide the product to high-­value markets,”


Promoted and managed by experienced industrial chemists, our company has built a distinguished reputation for its outstanding product quality and customer service. Our process is accredited with ISO certification and we are planning to start another production unit at Dubai, the emerging commercial hub of the world. Organisations like Reliance, New Delhi Municipal Corporation, etc. are our regular clients.

Swagath Urethane Pvt. Ltd. is a globally trusted manufacturer and exporter of world class polyurethane elastomer finished products such as:

  • Pipe Line Pigs: Mandrel Pig, Cleaning Pig, Vantage Pig, Pig Cup, Form & Batching Pig
  • Screens: Modular Screen Panel, Modular Screen, Shale Shaker Screen, Screen Protection, Screen Panel, Poly Urethane Bucket, Rotatory Screen & Tension Poly Urethane
  • Wheel & Castor
  • Various Industrial Parts
  • Poly Urethane Linings & Liners