Check Valve Balls

We manufacturers urethane check valve balls for usage in pumps to improve pump performance for sewerage and waste water treatment plants. The specially formulated compound offers maximum resistance to abrasion, cutting, fatigue, and corrosion, yielding superior performance in harsh sludge environments. The urethane check valve balls are resilient which means less wear on valve seats and adjacent parts while increasing efficiency.

Urethane check valve balls can be molded with or without metal cores. When a metal core is required it is precisely centered and the urethane jacket is molded in one piece, which gives perfect balance for uniform wear.

We produce check valve balls in various diameters and durometers to meet your custom requirements.

Our superior polyurethane-jacketed check valve balls offer maximum resistance to abrasion, cutting, fatigue and corrosion, yielding superior seating and long service life in extremely harsh sludge environments.

We produce Tuff Balls in a variety of diameters and durometers for all kinds of positive displacement pumps, including plunger and diaphragm types for various industrial and waste water treatment plant applications.

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  • Public Parks & Recreation
  • Septage Transfer
  • Scum Transfer
  • Centrifuge feed
  • Belt filter press feed
  • Emergency Management


  • Mining Waste
  • Paper Waste
  • Food waste slurry
  • Fish packing
  • Agricultural waste
  • Coal Slurry
  • Federal/ Military
  • Holding Tank Transfer

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We are one of the predominant manufacturers of a wide range of products which include Polyurethane custommoulding such as Polyurethane dunnage, muller liners,urethane seals, urethane gears, urethane capper disks,check valve ball, urethane classifier shoes.

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