Grooved Polyurethane Wheels

We Manufacture Grooved wheels of the following types

1. Polyurethane 'V' Grooved Wheels
2. Polyurethane 'U' Grooved Wheels

At swagath company the latest technology is used for polyurethane covering of various.  Rollers up to 6m in length and 2m in diameter. This method is called rotational casting or ribbon flow molding. Production of covered rollers at the minimum time with best surface quality are possible.

We do open casting rollers like bridle roller for steel and aluminum plants on their tension leveler line .

These rollers with various dimensions and different kinds of flat ribbed are used in all industries such as steel, iron, aluminum, wood and textile.

Any size rollers or rolls with metal core or only lining can be manufacture as per customers requirements.

The hardness range:  from 20 shore A to 85 shore D. 



·Applicator rolls

·Bridle rolls

·Calendar rolls

·Contact rolls

·Converting rolls

·Conveyor rolls

·Feeding rolls

·Hold down rolls

·Idler rolls

·Laminating rolls

·Pinch rolls

·Printing rolls

·Scoring rolls

·Snubber rolls

·Squeegee rolls


Expansion- Jan 2012 Every Business’ objective and dream is to grow and expand. Business visibility to the market it serves by branching out due to the business growth is very critical in its marketing initiatives. As business and operations grow, the infrastructure also needs to adapt to the operational needs growth . “With the combined expertise and financial strength of our group behind us, we will continue to move forward with our aggressive build-out program in the rich area of Polyurethanes, so that we can provide the product to high-­value markets,”