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Polyurethane conveyor rollers are less expensive than stainless steel rollers, are quieter, and will not wear out a conveyor frame. Precision rollers are available as: concave roller, convex roller, straight roller, hubbed roller, v-groove roller, bearing cover, coated bearing, bushing, and more. 

Polyconveyor rollers have become essential not just to material handling but several other day-to-day industrial applications as well. It is important to invest in conveyor rollers that meet your requirements effectively and cost-efficiently. By opting for Gallagher polyurethane rollers, you'll enjoy outstanding performance and durability. 

Our polyurethane conveyor rollers offer greater efficiency compared to stainless steel counterparts. They are also more durable. Polyurethane conveyor rollers also do not put undue stress on conveyor frames. 

You can order conveyor rollers from us in the hub and bearing materials of your choice. Regardless of the specifications you go for, you are assured a robust product that meets your performance expectations. You can order conveyor rollers that are perfectly tailored to your needs. 

We offer competitive pricing and timely deliveries. We also assist you in identifying the ideal polyurethane solution for your specific work/industrial application.


conveyor roller

Hub Material: Aluminum
Sintered Bronze
Many Plastics
Options: Bearings
Low/High Resilience
Dual Durometer
High Temperature Heat Resistance
Bearing Choices: Ball
Sintered Bronze

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We are one of the predominant Suppliers & Distributors of a wide range of products which include Polyurethane Rollers such as Polyurethane Roller, 1500mm roller, Bridle Roller, Ink Roller, Roller for Steel Industry, Taper Roller and many more items.

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